Discover a world of sweet delights at Celene's Confections. From delicious and exquisite cupcakes to mini treats, monogrammed specialties, and boozy indulgences, there's a perfect cupcake for every taste and occasion.

  • Monogram Cupcakes

    Monogram Cupcakes

    Introducing our charming Monogram Cupcakes, beautifully presented in custom-designed letter or number! Each cupcake is meticulously arranged within its designated space, creating a delightful visual representation of your chosen initial or numeral. These...

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  • Chocolate

    Mini Cupcakes

    Explore bite-sized bliss with our mini cupcakes at Celene's Confections. Perfect for any occasion, these petite treats deliver big flavor in every delightful biteType a description for this product here...

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  • Barbie

    Celene's Confections Cupcake Mosaic

    The Pull Apart Cupcake Cake - the perfect fusion of convenience, creativity, and mouthwatering flavors! This innovative offering is a show-stopping treat that consists of 12 exquisitely baked cupcakes, cleverly arranged to form a stunning sheet cake...

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  • Chocolate Bourbon Pecan

    Boozy Cupcakes - For The Mature Adult

    Elevate your dessert game with Exquisite Boozy Cupcakes , the perfect combination of delicious cupcakes and premium spirits and liqueurs. Indulge in unique flavors like Triple Luck of the Irish infused with the highest quality ingredients. Our talented...

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  • Exquisite Cupcakes

    Celene's kicks it up a notch with our fancy and exquisite premium cupcake flavors!  You're sure to order over and over again just so you can taste a new flavor each time! NOTE: Each flavor is sold in a quantity of one dozen.  Remember to...

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  • Delicious Cupcakes

    Celene's offers a large variety of cupcake flavors to delight any palate.  If you don't see a flavor listed, no worries just ask we'll create it and add it the flavor offerings because we know you'll come back for more! NOTE: Each flavor is sold in...

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